Earnest Innovations and Engineering Solutions

Customized Engineering Solutions and Oracle Cloud Consulting Suited and Scaled to Your Needs


We strive to earnestly improve our client's businesses with cutting edge technology through one of our subsidiaries.

  • Brian Boyd, MBA CEO

    "Provided beyond expectations with excellent communication. He upgraded our tech to today's standards and provided advice that saved us millions."

  • Daniel Baker, FlightAware CEO

    "Absolutely brilliant innovator!"

  • Clif Marsiglio, Sonik Matter Data Scientist

    "A fellow maker and a life long friend!"

8+ years of coding professionally for companies such as Royal Caribbean and Hasbro

EPM, ERP, SCM, and many others

Data Engineering Consulting

Specialized in Oracle Cloud Services, we offer a variety of specialized database management and IT support. We offer complete end to end support with a focus in automation to lower future overhead.

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Part custom tailored to a unique problem from a client

Prototype designed for client to be created in mass quantities

Mechanical Engineering Consulting

We offer 3D modelling, 3D printing, 3D imaging, and full installation of contracts if necessary. Our 2 dozen machines can rapidly print prototypes simultaneously for maximum efficiency. Our machines specialize in high temperature filaments such as Carbon Fiber but can also print PLA, TPU, and Nylon.

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Desmoker Emblem

Desmoker Emblem


The Desmoker is our most successful product and only product made in mass production. It is a microwave fume extractor extender and filter that attaches to standard over the range microwaves.

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